The Wood And Wave Each Other Know
w/ Jason de Haan, 2011, HD video projection, 37 min

Canadian Art review by Jan Peacock

Daniel Bosch is a wildfire lookout in Northern Alberta. Every day, from April to October, he looks out on the treetops from the 8 x 8 foot cabin of the tallest tower in the province. While living in the woods, Dan crafted a cello from a solid block of spruce and then taught himself to play it. Because it was too big to fit in the cage of the tower’s one hundred and twenty vertical steps, he made a body-less version, allowing him to practice during his many hours inside the tower’s cabin. By wedging the practice cello between the edge of a small worktable and the fiberglass octagonal cupola, Dan discovered that he could more than compensate for the instrument’s lack of a body. The cabin itself becomes the resonant chamber and the tower becomes the instrument within which the cellist plays. The lookout tower broadcasts Dan’s music into the immensity of the landscape and the trees become his audience.