Shadows Mirror Shadows


digital prints on metallic paper, 35 x 23"

exhibition view: G Gallery, Toronto, 2014

"In Shadows Mirror Shadows, Dragan imagines the permeability of stone through manipulations of photo-mechanics: ... photographs taken inside of caves were made by long exposures during which the lens was zoomed in and out. Their metallic paper gleams, evoking mining. Unsure if I'm being pulled backward or drawn inward through a portal of light, I have the sensation of physically moving through material, of entering stone. As the body 'breaks' through the plane, the cave releases and reveals what was buried in the mountain for millennia, its "invisible numen"—deities inhabiting natural phenomena, the spirits of a place. By their very creation, caves are also sites of erasure, of embedded history eroded and forced to disperse from rock that actually was and still is physically permeable."
- Marianne Shaneen (writer & filmmaker)